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FEAT Africa, with its focused initiatives in Koboko, Arua, and Packwach in Uganda and around Adi village in Congo, implements household water treatment solutions with a comprehensive approach. In these regions, FEAT Africa employs a community-centric strategy, engaging local stakeholders and residents to facilitate the adoption and implementation of water treatment technologies. The organization collaborates closely with communities to assess their specific needs, preferences, and challenges related to water access and quality. This approach ensures that solutions like the Concrete Biosand Filter, Membrane Filter, and Solvatten solar are not only introduced but also tailored to suit the unique requirements of each area.

Moreover, the Solvatten solar system has been a game-changer, harnessing solar energy to purify water through heat and UV sterilization. This innovative device not only sanitizes water but also contributes to sustainable living by utilizing renewable energy sources. Its portability and user-friendly interface have made it invaluable in remote areas lacking access to electricity or clean water infrastructure. The implementation of these diverse household water treatment solutions has not only addressed water scarcity and health concerns but has also empowered communities by granting them autonomy over their water supply, promoting better health outcomes and socioeconomic development.

The Membrane Filter, employing advanced filtration technology, operates by sieving out contaminants, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring a higher level of purification. Its compact design allows for easy installation within households, catering to communities struggling with waterborne diseases.

FEAT Africa prioritizes education and training alongside the deployment of these technologies. They conduct workshops, training sessions, and informational campaigns to educate community members on the operation, maintenance, and benefits of these water treatment systems. Through this hands-on approach, they empower locals with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustainably manage and maximize the efficacy of these solutions. FEAT Africa’s commitment to community involvement, education, and customized implementation plays a vital role in fostering lasting change and improving water quality and accessibility in these regions of Uganda and Congo.


At Feat Africa, the production of concrete Biosand Filters begins with the careful procurement of raw materials essential for the construction process. This includes sourcing gravel, sand, and cement of high quality to ensure the durability and effectiveness of the filters. The team meticulously oversees the procurement process, selecting materials that meet stringent standards for purity and reliability. Once the materials are acquired, technicians embark on the actual production of the filters, utilizing metallic molds and precise piping to craft each unit to exact specifications. This phase requires a blend of technical expertise and attention to detail to ensure that the filters are constructed to the highest standards for optimal performance.

After the construction process is completed, the filters are left to cure overnight before demolding the following morning. Once demolded, the finished filters undergo a final touch: painting. This step not only adds a layer of protection but also serves as a visual identifier for branding purposes. Feat Africa takes pride in branding each filter, a symbol of their commitment to quality and reliability. Through this meticulous production process, Feat Africa ensures that every concrete Biosand Filter meets rigorous standards of craftsmanship, ready to provide clean water solutions to communities in need across Africa.


At Feat Africa, a typical day for installing Biosand Filters involves a well-orchestrated process led by highly skilled technical staff. The day starts with loading the filters onto a truck, ensuring all necessary equipment is securely packed. The team then embarks on a journey to remote villages where clean water access is scarce. In hard-to-reach areas, motorbikes are deployed to transport filters, allowing the team to navigate challenging terrain efficiently.

Upon arrival at each village, the team identifies suitable sites for filter installation, collaborating closely with local leaders. With precision and expertise, they unload the filters and initialize them, meticulously calibrating each unit for optimal performance. Simultaneously, end-user training sessions are conducted, empowering community members with the knowledge and skills to operate and maintain the filters effectively. Despite the logistical challenges, Feat Africa’s dedicated staff ensures that clean water solutions reach even the most underserved communities, making a tangible difference in improving public health and quality of life across Africa.


At Feat Africa, monitoring the performance of Biosand Filters is a critical aspect of ensuring the continued provision of clean water to communities. This monitoring process is conducted meticulously, with filters being assessed three times at monthly intervals. During each monitoring session, highly trained technicians visit the installed filters to evaluate their functionality and effectiveness. They conduct thorough inspections, checking for any signs of wear or damage, as well as assessing the clarity and quality of the filtered water.

Throughout the monitoring process, data is collected and analyzed to track the performance of the filters over time. Any deviations or issues observed are promptly addressed, whether it involves minor maintenance or more significant repairs. Feat Africa is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability in their clean water solutions, and the regular monitoring of Biosand Filters plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. By staying vigilant and proactive in their approach to monitoring, Feat Africa ensures that communities continue to have access to safe and clean drinking water for years to come

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