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  • Grace Jula

    Grace Jula

      My name is grace Jula, 56 years. Fualwonga is where I worship. I was very happy when I was selected to be among the people to undergo the discipleship making movement in fualwonga parish organized by feat Africa a faith based organization working in Pakwach district. Before the call for the training, I work…

  • Jurua Emmanuel

    Jurua Emmanuel

    My name is Emmanuel Jurua, 33 years, a pastor of the born again church in Likya village, in this village, many Christians have been battling health problems, with some of them being as a result of drinking unsafe water.  Many Christian’s miss church services to sicknesses like, Typhoid, diarrhea, stomach ache, among others which are…



      Hello, my name is Ititu Ileli, 37 years old, a peasant farmer. I have 9 children. I live with my husband and the children. I and my children collect water from the spring.  We suffered from water infections for years.  At the water point, we spend hours before collecting water when people are many…

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