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  • Atimango Gladys

    Atimango Gladys

    Hi, My name is Atimango Gladys, 45 years old and a mother to 7 children. Two boys and five girls. We have been drinking water that is collected from river Nile directly for many years now. The water is not clean but because we can’t afford the cost of connecting tap water, we always drink…



    My name is Asiki Agele, 40 years, a peasant farmer, a father of 7, living in Godria Awu village. Godria is a one of the villages with a unique and loving group of people in DR Congo. The people living in this village are very much marginalized when it comes to clean water, we drink…



    My name is Esther Bako, 20 years, a peasant farmer, a mother of one, a boy living in Godria Awu village. Godria is a community of peace and happiness to live in DR Congo. In the facet of clean water, we drink from unclean water points. Typhoid, diarrhea, stomach ache, are very common due to…